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Catching Up!

Hey all, thanks for checking out the new website. Lee & I are excited to start releasing new music and posting updates here once a week. We have taken 6 weeks off to rest, record, drink wine, sleep in, cook in our new kitchen, and it has done us a world of good. On March 13, all cruise-lines were ordered to cease current sailings. We were quarantined onboard the Carnival Dream at sea for 3 weeks. We were then repatriated separately at the beginning of April, me to Florida and Lee to the UK. Carnival took fantastic care of us and we could not be more grateful to them as a company. I quarantined for 3 weeks at home in Florida and then flew direct Miami-London, to move into our new house.

I truly believe the Universe, in her infinite wisdom, was looking out for us. Whilst quarantined on the ship, we were in panic mode, worrying about where we would live - we were supposed to remain on the ship until August. Lee learned that the 3 story house next to his parents was for rent, and upon seeing some videos of the space, we paid for 3 months upfront. It was a big risk for us, but we had the financial ability to do that at the time thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines who paid 30 days salary to all their crew members. This house has become our sanctuary. We furnished the space with free and cheap furniture on Facebook Marketplace and it has turned out more beautiful than you could imagine, we are so blessed. After 5+ years of working contracts around the world, playing music 5 hours a night 6 days a week, travelling full-time, vocal injuries, health fatique, and more, we have an amazing place to call home. We went from being quarantined in a small, window-less cabin to living in a spacious & sunlit 3 story house, I keep joking to Lee that we need an intercom system, it's so big I can't find him sometimes!! We are so, so lucky.

We have a large basement space which we have set up as our recording studio, complete with a "professional vocal booth" made of mattresses and pillows! We are so excited to release our first original single created together THIS FRIDAY on August 7th. We will be live-streaming once a week from now on to promote the song. It will be the first of many, at least one single per month for the rest of the year. We are also excited to be partnering with some award-winning musicians soon and embarking upon a few amazing projects which I will post when we are allowed to talk about them. We are going to try and make moves to transition away from contract musicianship and into creating original content full-time. Thank you for your immense support and for the well wishes sent to us on our page. We are so very blessed. Sending all good vibes, please wash your hands, get some rest, take care of yourself and each other. Cheers!

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