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Savannah Jaine is a dynamic artist duel-based in NYC and Manchester, UK.  A diligent workhorse from a young age, this NBC's America's Most Talented Kid's alum honed her chops as a contract vocalist working long hours on stage in hotels and on cruise ships - and that unique and immense experience shows itself in her rich, resonant and powerful vocals.


A big believer in creating your own opportunities,  she toured, busked and traded live music for beds at hostels throughout Europe and blogged about her adventures all the way.  


In 2019, Savannah took a contract gig for a rock band in Dubai, where she met British Guitarist and Producer Lee Meadows. Bonding over their love for Americana, Country and Blues, these two fire signs began writing and playing together at an Artist Residency in Ibiza, Spain.


When Covid19 caused the entertainment and hospitality industries to completely shut down, they married and lived temporarily in Lee's hometown of Adlington, Lancashire. They played live music every day on Tik Tok, built a following and hosted the first Tik Tok Live Songwriter Rounds. 


Her single “Sunshine & White Wine” was her first Editorial Placement. A Live Session EP in collaboration with Milkshed Studios in Lancashire was released in September. She is currently working with producer Chris Hope on her debut album "Slow Burn Baby" which will be released May 2023 - a few new singles from the album are already on Streaming sources with the next release being "I Win Again" on February 24th. @SavannahJaine on all social media.

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