March 26

"Savannah Jaine is like Joni Mitchell, If Joni Mitchell were P!nk"

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"Empty Cup"

In this effort remniscient of Joni Mitchell's "California," Savannah Jaine's "Empty Cup" Is a happy break-up song, or at least a content one, explaining to the listener a relatable story of a lover giving more than they can emotionally afford. The soul has neglected themselves in the process. ''You can't pour from an Empty Cup, I'm gonna take some time to fill my soul back up. But I hope you find what you're looking for, I just can't love you anymore" SJ sings, in this fresh-sounding acoustic track which is sure to put you in a meditative and relaxed mood. 



I hope you all are keeping well in this unprecedented and trying time - please take care of yourself and each other. Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, all of our Solo, Duo and Full band Tour Dates and Contracts have been cancelled and/or postponed for the time being. We were playing as Whiskey Daisy on the Carnival Dream when we were sent home on Repatriation trips, we were blessed to find a house next door to Lee's parents that we love and that has become our Sanctuary until November. We have set up a Recording Studio and will be releasing all of our original music over the next few months - Very exciting for us, but difficult to maintain as we are unable to work. If you have enjoyed our music and would like to make a small donation to keep us afloat, every dollar matters.